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Filterpresses EKOS

Greenmac is proud to propose EKOS, the new family of filterpresses. Each filterpress of the EKOS family is a extremly versatile press with double lateral beam. The filterpresses of the EKOS family allowing the customization to suit particular processes and customers' requirements. The use of the filterpress is completely automatic, with short cycles and minimum idle times. The simultaneous plate-pack opening system ensures that the dryed sludge is discharged in a very short time. EKOS series offers both large and small models. The filterpresses use filtering plates from 500x500 mm to 1500x1500 mm. The number of filtering plates is defined by hourly quantity that the costumer want to treat.
Each filterpress can be supplied with additional accessories (bunker cover, washing system, air compressor on board, etc). In the below table you can see the main features of the filterpresses of the EKOS family.

For viewing photos about EKOS machines click here.

Model Plate size
Working pressure
Number of plates
Min - Max
Dryed sludge
Min - Max
Filtration area
Min - Max
EKOS 500 500x500 12 10          24 42        100 4       10
EKOS 630 630x630 12 15          30 112          224 8        16
EKOS 800 800x800 12 15          40 185         494 14       37
EKOS 1000 (*) 1000x1000 12 17          51 340        1020 25        76
EKOS 1200 (*) 1200x1200 12 17          51 500        1500 36        110
EKOS 1500 (*) 1500x1500 12 17          56 878         2895 57        190

(*): the EKOS 1000, EKOS 1200, EKOS 1500 models can also be produced in the version with plate opening system in double pack mode (EKOS 1000 DP, EKOS 1200 DP, EKOS 1500 DP). Compared to the traditional version, the filter presses with double pack opening system allow for the insertion of a greater number of plates for the same length of the filter press, increasing the volume of liquid treated by about 40% for each filtering action compared to the same press made with a traditional opening system

In the below image you can see an example of a filterpress of the EKOS family.

1) Fixed head 2) Mobile head 3) Cylinder holder head 4) Lateral beams
5) Hydraulic cilinder 6) Hydraulic unit 7) Whisk pneumatic cylinders 8) Filtering plates
9) Foots 10) Safety rope 11) Rope safety switch 12) Filterpress openend switch
13) Electric cabinet - Panel control 14) Protection

For info and requests, please send a mail to info.greenmac@gmail.com